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This is the recipe for fluffy pizza and unlike the Roma style pizza this one is much higher and fluffier. I use this recipe to […]

March 21, 2022
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This is the recipe for fluffy pizza and unlike the Roma style pizza this one is much higher and fluffier. I use this recipe to make fried or pan pizzas or for all those preparations that require the use of a pizza base such as for example the parigina torta rustic which I like to call a pizza that had a cold. Pizza has become an obsession for me, I like to prepare it but most of all to eat it, and when you are the one who prepares it using your own ingredients and tastes it becomes absolutely satisfying.

It must be said that there are many variations of pizza, one makes it one way and one makes it another amazing as anyone you hear has his own mysterious trick that makes the pizza taste better, great, and more my only trick is to try to use good products starting with the flour… I have to say even if it might be trivial, it is not trust me you have to use the right flour I have tried many flours, the one that for now I feel the most right and I say it even if no one pays me to say it but the product is worth is the flour pizza & focaccia of Molini Spigadoro definitely right for this preparation, another product to which I pay attention in the choice is the oil strictly extra virgin olive oil and of good quality.

This recipe for pizza as I said in the Pa’rigin article is a recipe I found randomly a long time ago, but since then I can’t do without it is slightly longer than usual as you have to give 4 reinforcing folds three every 15 minutes, and one after 10 minutes.

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Time38 minutes
CoursePortata principale
Servings5 people


  • 500 g Flour pizza & focaccia molini spigadoro
  • 400 g Warm water
  • 6 g Brewer's yeast
  • 15 g Salt
  • 15 g Extra virgin olive oil


  • We don't want to get our hands dirty, let us take a very large container and pour inside it the flour, the water where we had previously dissolved our brewer's yeast (in case you are using dehydrated yeast, there is no need to dissolve it in water), and let's mix everything with our hands or with a small spoon if you do not wish to get our hands dirty.
  • When the dough is ready, pour in the salt and begin mixing. When the salt is well incorporated add the oil and knead until the oil is well absorbed.
  • Now that we have the mixture let's cover it with a previously wet and wrung-out tea towel and let it rise in the oven turned off with the light on for 15 minutes, once the 15 minutes have passed let's take it out and make the first folds which we will do by taking the outermost side and bringing it towards the center then turn the bowl and repeat the operation for 3 times, put the tea towel back on and let it rest for another 15 minutes let's repeat the folds for another 3 times.
  • Now that you have made the last fold allow it to rise for 5 hours. Let's take the dough and place it on the work surface. Then, do the last fold called a slap and fold. Lift the dough with both hands and tip it forward. The first thing you will notice is that the dough will no longer be relaxed but will rather gain strength. Now let's roll the dough balls to prepare what we need. We will have it rest another 1 hour before we can use it so it can create those bubbles we like so much.
For the folds of the pizza, you can either slap and fold or bring the flaps toward the center on all sides of the loaf. This is described in the recipe.

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